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 Simply type in the name in the SEARCH area & click search. The images from your race(s) and any prelims will appear.

the selection of photos available to view.  Once you have started looking, all our range of "SELECT A PRODUCT" options appears below the main image and you can select

any product to order it.

 The sizes and range of products is vast and you can view the photo "developing" as you go through the process of ordering.

You have complete control over the IMAGES to be included, use "NEXT" to progress through to "TEXT" where you can edit the owners details &  CUSTOMISE the size, the mount board colour & the framing style chosen.

Finally you view a "mock Up" of what the finished product will look like (We edit & straighten the images etc as neccessary)

If you are having difficulties you are more than welcome to call us in business hours (06 323 5604) preferably while you are on the website, and our friendly staff will be happy to guide you through the process.


FAQ: All photographs are Copyright of Race Images PN LTD. They cannot be copied and used from the site, branded or not, standard charges will be applied for any use. We have options to purchase & use images

for everything from social media to large scale advertising. We also have subscriptions for continual / mulitple use directly from the website - contact us for rates.


We aim to complete orders in 15-20 working days. All frames have full race details except margins and we can edit these to suit you. Framed photos sent overseas are sent without glass to reduce weight & damage,

although we are happy to send them with glass on your request, well packed but without insurance cover. Frame sizes shown are the glass size due to varience in frame width but add approx 50mm to height & width.

We happily guarantee our work, any problems please contact us so we can put it right!


OUR COVERAGE - on the website North Island since June 2015 & NZ Wide since November 2015. Archive: North Island central 1960 - today, North Island Northern 1978 to today.

ANY QUESTION - use SEARCH, load in your horsename - below shows "REQUEST A MISSING RACE" fill out the feilds and send us your query



Peter Rubery

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